Friday, September 3, 2010

Fix It Friday #69

Well it is another Friday! Wish it was a good one, but unfortunately I have a sick child today.

These are my fixes this week for Fix It Friday for I Heart Faces. I have included the original and my two fixes. I used CS4 to edit. First opened in RAW made a few adjustments then opened in PS. In my first version, I added a sky and used several Florabella actions and one from TRA. In my second version I cropped the photo and used Florabella's BW Vintage Chocolate Action and then Classic Vintage.

The Original

My Two Fixes

Please make sure to check the other fixes at I Heart Faces!


  1. i love that you can see clouds in 1st edit!! great job!

  2. I really like the b&w edit. Good job!

  3. Lovely job! I also think you are great with your photos as well, nice blog! :)

  4. we have almost the same fixes. I've been trying to do something like your second one but just couldn't get there... I love your edits!